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High Efficiency High Quality Absorbed


Our company has been engaged in cross-border field for many years, and has rich cross-border experience and talent pool.


We have dozens of experienced technicians, operators and customer service staff to provide you with professional guidance.

All-Day Service

Taking customers' needs as the purpose and serving the customers as the core, we will solve your problems all day.

Efficient Service

Solve customer needs in the shortest time

Advertising agency

  • Advertising agency


After years of cross-border experience, the company provides customers with services such as advertising, store construction, development programs, and logistics cooperation in cross-border areas.

Advertising Promotion

Professional team, providing 7*24 hours of service

Online Store

Diversified and customizable

Cross-border service

Secure and stable global cross-border service solution

Cross-Border Logistics

Long term cooperation with many logistics companies at home and abroad

Cross border services, we are professional.

Focus on serving the electricity supplier
Senior Customer Service Specialist
One to one exclusive member Manager
3 million 850 thousand users sincerely recommend

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